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Empire Today Understands Healthcare Properties

Empire Carpet for Medical Office Space

For medical or healthcare office needs, Empire Flooring offers a wide array of laminate, vinyl, tile flooring options, & more. These products are ideal for examination rooms, procedure rooms, hallways and common areas.

To meet the specific requirements for light control in medical environments, Empire Today® carries a range of Commercial Window Treatment applications from names you know and trust. You’ll find quality Window Treatments designed with innovative features such as anti-microbial shutters, blackout shades that can be motorized and automated with advanced sun-tracking controls, and child-safe cordless options.

Empire Carpet for Medical Office SpaceIf you have questions about Empire Carpet, Empire Flooring and Empire Window Treatments for your business or are ready to schedule an on-site consultation, please click here to schedule online or contact a member of our team 800-588-2300®to speak with an Empire Customer Service Representative – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.